Our Vision

La Voz of Loudoun is an organization working to unite the community by assisting immigrants in the process of integration into the greater Loudoun Community. We stress the values of cultural integration, sound financial planning education and strong family networks in order for immigrant families to achieve success. While our focus and expertise is on the Spanish speaking population, we hope that our innovative programs can serve as models for working with other non-Hispanic immigrant communities.

La Voz of Loudoun will serve as a compass, orienting Loudoun’s ‘newest” residents and assisting them as they navigate what is often a daunting system. In addition, we will work closely with other groups to improve and compliment their abilities to serve the immigrant population in Loudoun County. Our support, encouragement, and creative programming will help immigrants take full advantage of the many opportunities that are available to them in order to achieve the American Dream. We will always encourage the individuals we serve to participate in all our activities, including planning and development of programs, so that La Voz of Loudoun will truly be a community based organization. Through advocacy we will ensure that all voices of Loudoun are heard regardless of language barriers and cultural differences.

In all our endeavors La Voz will promote a positive image of Hispanic culture by recognizing the many accomplishments and contributions of Hispanic immigrants and by emphasizing the rich diversity that makes up the Hispanic population in Loudoun County.